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Capacity building in emerging economies

Developing a New Breed of LEADERS



WIth a unique approach and content gaining Worldwide recognition and acclamation

Very conscious of employability issues, our Founder  has developed a unique program that regroups different participant profiles in same the training room to embark on a fast track mode with a view to enhancing their soft skills.   Existere Consulting is extending this program to famous institutes across Indian Ocean, Africa and Asia.

Rationale for the Modules and Course Content

The content has been specifically designed for a fast track all rounder development of Supervisors, aspiring managers and managers. As part of the Training and after, the participants will be able to act as Brand Ambassadors (Custodian of Corporate Values) contributing to Employee Integration and departmental induction, act as Departmental Quality Coordinators, Internal Trainers (with a defined training topic per participant) and most importantly will embark on a personal developmental plan with specific objectives and milestones to further enhance their soft and technical skills to be considered for an Upper Supervisory/Managerial role.

Running over 60 contact hours. the Program kick starts with an Initial Skills and Career Assessment which involves a One to One meeting with all the participants to assess their current career stage, level, etc to be followed by the following Modules:


o Role of Supervisors & Leadership Essentials - 4 sessions
o Managing Subordinates and Performance - 3 sessions
o Service, Product Quality & Process Management - 3 sessions
o Managing Small Scale Projects - 2 sessions
o Productivity, Innovation & Creativity - 2 sessions
o Train the Trainer Essentials - 3 sessions
o Session integrating all the modules - 1 session


Please note that each Module can also be run separately.




Participants will embark on a developmental path towards improving Leadership ability by focusing on the way of 'being"  along with specific activities they will be doing on a daily basis, nurturing such actions and to positively influence their team in line with Corporate Values.  With a thorough understanding of how to manage the HR function as Supervisors, aspiring Managers, participants shall develop the necessary communication platforms and act as Liaison Officers to the HR Department.  

If you regroup around 20+ participants, you can also  expect around 14 inhouse projects focusing on Customer Service, Productivity/Efficiency aspects/ New Product Development etc but also around 12+ Training themes pertinent to your enterprise. And Much More...




Develop  internal capacity building through our sophisticated approach to TRAIN THE TRAINER. 

Please refer to the SUMMARISED LIST OF PROGRAMS for more details.





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EXISTERE Consulting was founded by Zjamil Coowar after  several years in developing and implementing innovative approaches in Guest Experience, HR and capacity building for luxury Hospitality sector and as one of the forerunners in implementing Competency Framework & Integrated HR practices for the Hospitality sector. Read more


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